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The website aims to provide clear and independent information and analysis of the range of nuclear new build issues, and ask questions that need to be answered, including: how will significant ‘what if’ issues — such as nuclear fuel supply and manufacture, vulnerability to attack, accident and incident, rad-waste, radiation risk, decommissioning, reactor siting, nuclear costs and liabilities — be taken into account? Nuclear Consulting Group (NCG) comprises leading academics and experts. It is telling that such a group speaks with one collective voice.

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As the human, environmental and energy policy consequences following the Fukushima nuclear accident continues to unfold, whatever your view of the risks or benefits of nuclear fission, it's clear that the possibility of further catastrophic nuclear accident around the world is ever present. After Fukushima there's still time to learn fundamental lessons about more safe, secure, economically sound and environmentally sustainable ways to power our societies.

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Selected media transfer from Dr Paul Dorfman:

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