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The website aims to provide clear and independent information and analysis of the range of nuclear new build issues, and ask questions that need to be answered, including: how will significant ‘what if’ issues — such as nuclear fuel supply and manufacture, vulnerability to attack, accident and incident, rad-waste, radiation risk, decommissioning, reactor siting, nuclear costs and liabilities — be taken into account?

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Nuclear Monitor

Safety issues at India’s Kudankulam nuclear plant

Though the trans-boundary contamination and trans-generational health impacts of the nuclear fuel cycle are recognized, there is no international regulatory framework to enforce uniform safety codes and standards and resolve the conflicts between nations. As reactors are ageing and nuclear technology is becoming widespread, there are risks of more Fukushima-type ‘surprises’ in future.

By V.T. Padmanabhan, Paul Dorfman and A. Rahman

Nuclear Monitor, 27th August 2015