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    Onshore windpower is already cheaper than new nuclear
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    New nuclear will be subsidised by taxpayers and through electricity bills
  • Hinkley Nuclear Power Stations
    Hinkley Nuclear Power Stations (credit Rob Newman)

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The website aims to provide clear and independent information and analysis of the range of nuclear new build issues, and ask questions that need to be answered, including: how will significant ‘what if’ issues — such as nuclear fuel supply and manufacture, vulnerability to attack, accident and incident, rad-waste, radiation risk, decommissioning, reactor siting, nuclear costs and liabilities — be taken into account?

Nuclear Consulting Group (ncg) comprises leading academics and experts speaking with one collective voice.

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China pushes ahead with high risk, high cost nuclear

China accounts for almost half of the world’s new-build of nuclear reactors but recent delays, cost overruns and safety scares are challenging the country’s plans for atomic energy.

By Dr Paul Dorfman

China Dialogue, 20th May 2015


RUSI – UK PONI 2015 Annual Conference, 4 June 2015

Event (open to UK PONI members only): 4 June 2015, RUSI, Whitehall, London, SW1A 2ET

Dr Paul Dorfman will be debating the role of China in the UK nuclear energy market at the UK RUSI PONI Annual Conference.

Royal United Services Institute