The Simplest Ways to Make Money from your Gaming Hobby

The Simplest Ways to Make Money from your Gaming Hobby

If you are a gamer, then you have probably heard it all before. All of the time we are told that we are wasting our time by playing games when we could be doing something valuable. For years gamers have been criticized and judged by those who are not a part of the gaming community.

In recent years there has been a shift in the way that people respond to the gaming community. Gaming has hit the mainstream and these days it is hard to find someone that does not enjoy sitting back and de-stressing with some gaming sessions. As gaming has become more well-known in the mainstream media, it has also transformed into a money-making opportunity.

Nobody could have expected that people would be able to make money from gaming, but if you are really good at it you can expect to make millions.  Making money from gaming isn’t as straightforward as just playing the game and gaining a cash prize, there are many ways that gamers are able to make money. Here are simple ways to make money from your gaming hobby.

Get sponsorship

If you are someone that enjoys gaming and streaming your gaming, then you will be glad to know that there is ample opportunity for you to be able to gain sponsorship from brands.

Much like any content creator, if you are getting a lot of attention then a brand will want to take advantage of the possible fan base that you may have. Brands are particularly interested in working with gamers that have a large Twitch and Youtube presence as this means that they have a large audience that they will be able to advertise their brand to.

If you are a gamer and you are currently building up an online identity for yourself, it is important that you are particular with the brands that you agree to work with. When you are first starting off, brands will look to try and take advantage of you and give you low fees for sponsorship. Taking any brand that offers you a sponsorship may also prevent you from being able to work with other brands in the future, so be sure to take the time to think it through.

Competitive competitions

There are many ways in which gamers can make money and one of the main ways in which they can do so is by playing competitively. Playing competitively means that you will be able to test your skills with other gamers and compete in tournaments for money.

Within these competitions, you can make some serious bucks, as a lot of the bigger competitions are sponsored by gaming-related companies with plenty to spare. If you are a gamer that is new to the scene and you are interested in potentially pursuing gaming, then we recommend that you practice before you take on the competitions.

Competitions usually have an entry fee and if you are not at a point where you have the skill to be able to take it on, then you may be wasting your money.  A great way to practice your own skill is by using aimbots, personally, I prefer veterancheats for getting aimbots and I encourage anyone that is looking to practice to use aimbots.


Every video that you put online has the opportunity of having ads put on it. You can earn a certain amount of money depending on how much traffic your videos get. Each individual site that you promote your gaming on has its own rules in terms of ads, so be sure to check the rules for the site.

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